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Rubber balls

Rubber balls

Rubber ballsRubber balls play a key role in many industrial processes, thanks to their high elasticity, chemical resistance and strength. Among the various types of rubber, NBR, EPDM and VITON rubber balls are known for their versatility and excellent resistance to various chemicals and temperature conditions.

NBR rubber balls are made from nitrile rubber, making them an excellent choice for use in oil-filled environments as well as in contact with combustibles. They have high resistance to wear and tear, which makes them ideal for difficult operating conditions.

EPDM rubber balls have high resistance to UV radiation, ozone and weathering, making them popular for outdoor or outdoor applications.

VITON rubber balls have exceptional chemical resistance to various aggressive environments, including acids, alkalis and solvents. They are used in high-temperature conditions and in processes where reliable sealing is required.

Silicone balls have a wide range of temperature resistance and excellent elasticity, making them an excellent choice for high temperature applications and vacuum systems.

Polyurethane balls have high strength and wear resistance, which makes them ideal for difficult conditions where high wear resistance is required.

Due to their unique properties, rubber balls provide reliability, efficiency and long service life in many industrial applications. They are an integral part of production and ensure stability and quality in production processes.

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